Friday, August 19, 2011

Milestone 1.2

Apparently SlideHome is actually being used! This made my night, but it also pointed out a problem that I ad missed where if a phone had a very high resolution screen or low dpi, the app would not fill the screen. I tracked down the bug and made the change.

I have also started to change how the apps are loaded. The slow portion of the load is building the list of applications, not creating the grid of icons (as I had believed). I have saved the list of applications to the bundle but have found that the bundle does not persist after the app is fully closed. I  think I see about saving this list to a file instead. I want this to start quickly because I waste more time (4-6 seconds per boot, it feels long) booting the application then I'd like and this will only get worse as the application gets bigger.

I have also been thinking about my milestones. I think my next milestone will be the preference screen, rather then the custom view to hold favorite applications. I have a Spanish translator who has offered to do the translation work on SlideHome and I would love to get that work flow going. If you are interesting in translating SlideHome send me an email ( and I will let you know when I am ready. The preferences will be more useful to those using this as a simple launcher and will allow me to put in settings to see how they act without the need to re-compile.

I have also done even more house cleaning and I think I have removed all unused resources from the application now.

Anyway, try Milestone 1.2 here:

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