Saturday, August 13, 2011

How do we begin...

This is a blog to complement my attempt to create and open source replacement for the now dead SlideScreen for Android. SlideScreen was a home screen replacement for Android that focused on showing the user the most recent and important information from thier life without having to launch other applications. See for more information. You can get the final version of SlideScreen here:

I will be posting here as I work on SlideHome.

I am fairly new to Android so I have been hacking away at the Home sample from the Android example code. See for more info. So far I have got the first few lines ported with no errors...well no syntax errors, but I am now tracking down a null-pointer exception that occurs on load. This is honestly a big first project for Android, but I am picking it up as I go.

I do have a couple of milestones planned out, and they are as follows:
*Hello Launcher: A basic scrolling grid of applications.
*SlideHome Drawer: A screen that mimics the application drawer from SlideScreen.
*Twitter Home: A screen that minics the main screen from SlideScreen but with Twitter Alone
*Twitter/FaceBook Home Slider: A screen that mimics SlideScreens Slider along With Twitter and Facebook
*The Whole Hog: Start implementing Calendar, Reader, Phone, Music, etc.

Well I appreciate any Feedback and Help on this project!


  1. more power to you! I loved slidescreen and I really feel saddened that its development is being discontinued. No other app in the market can compare to its functionality so i am glad to see that this has inspired you to build your own version. I look forward to trying out your version soon!