Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Milestone 1.1

A slightly better version of Milestone 1.
I have added listeners for package intents. Thanks to Bradley Booms for giving me the link to the documentation. It did turn out that the sample home had this done so adding it was trivial, but I would have spent more time on it had I not known exactly what I was looking for.

 I have also cleaned up the view by removing the title, adding scroll-bars, and packing the grid from the top down. This last change makes it so that blank spaces show up on the last line rather then the first.

Next up is saving the application list to the bundle so that the app loads a bit faster, looks like it might take a bit as it is a ListArray of type ApplicationInfo, or objects that hold the application intents, titles and images. Anyway, I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Get the newest SlideHome here: http://code.google.com/p/slidehome/downloads/detail?name=SlideHome%20-%20Milestone%201.1.apk&can=2&q=#makechanges

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